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About The Bachelor Party Team

Be the Best Man Everyone Remembers - For All The Right Reasons!

So, you've been given the mantle of the 'Best Man'. An exhilarating honour, isn't it? But, with great honour, comes great responsibility.

This is your personal GPS to navigating this epic journey, ensuring your Best Manhood becomes legendary. 💪🏆🍾

Meet The Best Man

Kevin about us

Kevin Cook

Step into the time machine, buckle up, and let's whiz back to the start of the millennium when Kevin's Bachelor Party was more than just an events company, it was an empire of exhilaration. Imagine a squad, feverishly coordinating not ten, not twenty, but over forty heart-thumping events every weekend! Anything and everything under the sun - and the stars - from sizzling at-home Spit Braais to the adrenaline rush of Dirt Karting and the colourful chaos of Paintballing. Yes, it was a time when life roared in the fast lane!

Rolling in Party Busses & Limos, conquering the waves on Sunset Boat Cruises departing from the mesmerizing realms of The Vaal, Hartebeespoort Dam, Durban Harbour, and V&A Waterfront - they were the maestros of merriment. But the thrill didn't end there! They created wonder-filled adventure weekends, showcasing gravity-defying abseiling, heart-stopping white river rafting, and sky-sweeping zip line adventures.

In the neon-drenched city centres, night activities flourished. From exhilarating nightclub pub crawls to the luxurious and refined Cigar and Whisky evenings at the loftiest of cocktail bars and function venues. If you could dream it, and your wallet could hold it, they'd conjure it up. Picture a private jet charter to the resplendent island of Mauritius for a boys' weekend of Golfing, deep-sea Fishing, and Scuba Diving. Evenings bathed in the glitz of roulette and poker games, savouring Cuban cigars and sipping champagne, while making memories to be treasured for a lifetime.

However, around 2010, Kevin's other business ventures, growing like beanstalks on steroids, demanded his full attention. Our hero had to shift gears, trading rip-roaring adventures for a laser focus on his burgeoning e-commerce enterprises. But the Bachelor Party spirit was far from extinguished. The site morphed into a digital Aladdin's Cave, brimming with DIY guides and tips for every "Best Man" to create their own magnificent memories and events.

So, here's to you, the chosen one! May you seize the honor bestowed upon you, curate an unforgettable event, and create a memorable time for your comrades. Remember, in the legendary words of Barney Stinson from "How I Met Your Mother", your goal should always be, "Suit up! It's going to be LEGENDARY!"

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